Shop Assistants

St. Paul's Thrift Shop
Job Description
The St. Paul's Thrift shop is looking for a couple of good Shop Assistants.  St. Paul's is a Christian ministry and applicants should respect the dignity of all persons and work with others in a professional and cooperative manner.

The position requires individuals to accept supervision and direction from the Thrift Shop Managers.  Must be able to follow oral and written instructions, seek direction from the managers if request from volunteers are unclear or in conflict with prior instructions.  Work independently if the managers are not  present or available and notify managers if running late or unable to work due to illness or emergency.

The position requires manual labor duties as assigned.  Must be able to lift heavy items including furniture, help volunteers with lifting and reaching when asked to do so, help customers load purchased items in their vehicles, follow all safety rules related to lifting and moving heavy items, load and unload the St. Paul's truck as directed, and only if approved, drive the truck for donation pick ups.

The position requires individuals to perform assigned duties to ensure efficient operations of the Shop.  Must accept donations and give receipts, organize outside storage areas and tool room, keep mystery bags organized and notify the managers when the supply runs low, sort merchandise and test electronics when directed to do so, and perform other duties as assigned by managers.

The position requires performance of duties related to cleaning the shop and inventory security.  Must regularly check inside, outside, and behind the shop to make sure areas are clean and organized, perform end of day duties as assigned, lock and secure buildings at the end of the day, bring designated merchandise inside at closing, observe safety and security policies, and perform additional cleaning and security duties as assigned.  

The job will entail 20 to 25 hours per week and the pay starts at $10.00 hour.  If you are interested, please contact Rebecca Costlow, Shop Manager, at 251-626-6102.   You may also remit a resume through the St. Paul's Thrift Shop Facebook page.
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