Line Cook

Posted: 08/28/2020

Line Cook Job Description Template:
Ensure the preparation station and the kitchen is set up and stocked.
Prepare simple components of each dish on the menu by chopping vegetables, cutting meat, and preparing sauces.
Report to the executive chef and follow instructions.
Make sure food preparation and storage areas meet health and safety standards.
Clean prep areas and take care of leftovers.
Stock inventory and supplies.
Cook menu items with the support of the kitchen staff.
In-depth knowledge of restaurant best practices and cooking methods.
Excellent communication and organizational skills.
Aptitude for multi-tasking.
Must be able to work cooperatively and efficiently in a team.
Ensure that dishes are timed correctly for parties of restaurant patrons
Comply with health and sanitation guidelines
Experience cooking in a professional environment
Comprehension of a variety of cooking techniques and understanding of chef’s culinary requirements
Familiarity with best line cook practices
Great communication skills
Excellent organizational skills
Culinary school degree is a plus
Ability to thrive in a high-pressure environment