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2023 Youth Leadership Graduation

Congratulations to our 2023 Youth Leadership Graduates 

The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Foundation is pleased to announce the graduates from the 2023 Youth Leadership program. A ceremony was held Monday evening at Coastal Alabama Community College in honor of the graduates. Parents and students attended from each of the participating schools.  

Alabama House Representative, Matt Simpson, spoke briefly about the success of this graduating class and how he is excited to watch them grow and see them again in the future.  

Each year the graduating class works on group projects to learn about issues in our community. This year, two groups were formed. One group presented on the issue of mental health and assistance in local schools. The other group presented a moving video on what hunger means to them in honor of the Prodisee Pantry.  

Below are the 2023 Youth Leadership graduating class listed by school. 

Fairhope High School 

Dru Bramblett                      Fairhope     
Mackenzie Casallo               Fairhope     

Henry Conwell                      Fairhope     

Anna Bowler Conyers           Fairhope     

Sanders Daniell                    Fairhope     

Zoe Lami                               Fairhope     

Austin Lorentz                      Fairhope     

Abby Myrick                          Fairhope 

Lilly Trame                             Fairhope 

Kendall Maull                         Fairhope 

Daphne High School 

Gabriel Flores                       Daphne      

Andrew Geiger                     Daphne      

Bo Gonzalez                          Daphne      

Madison Hammond             Daphne      

Abby Jordan                         Daphne      

Riley Mellett                          Daphne 

Bayside Academy 

Emma Parvin                         Bayside 

Jack Roussos                         Bayside 

Tipton Smith                          Bayside 

Trey McKean                        Bayside 

Beverley Milteer                    Bayside 

Bayshore Christian School 

Elizabeth Hope                     Bayshore    

Katelyn Moore                      Bayshore 

Spanish Fort High School  

Elle Caroline Blackmon        Spanish Fort  
Anna Kate O’Connor             Spanish Fort 
Aisly Trawick                         Spanish Fort 

St. Michaels Catholic High School 

Sara Long                             St. Michaels         

Carter McCullough               St. Michaels 

Maeghan Reilly                     St. Michaels 

Mcgill Toolen High School 

Anne Baggett                       McGill 

Home School 

Ben Miller                              Home School 


The Youth Leadership Program is an intensive and elite, seven-month program designed to provide Eastern Shore high school students with the opportunity to gain a greater knowledge about their community, develop strong leadership skills and gain more self and social awareness. 

Students Learn: 

  • History & Geography of Baldwin County 

  • Law & Government 

  • Business Smarts 

  • Health & Human Services 

  • Environment 

In addition to class sessions, students work in teams to develop small group projects that address and benefit a special community need. 

The Chamber’s Youth Leadership program recognizes that we can build vital communities that value fairness, diversity and integrity by developing young leaders. 

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