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3 Arrows Boutique Butcher Ribbon Cutting

The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce celebrated new business, 3 Arrows Boutique Butcher with a ribbon cutting! They are located at 8495 Spanish Fort Blvd. Suite 102 in Spanish Fort, AL. 3 Arrows Boutique Butcher is a local/family owned and operated business. "We are a neighborhood butcher and specialty market that is committed to providing premium quality products at a great value while developing lasting relationships with our customers."

"The concept of "3 Arrows" began way before our store conception in 2009 with the blessing of our first child. Since that time, the Lord has added two additional arrows to our quiver. Psalm 127:4 communicates that children are like arrows in the hands of a warrior. Arrows are meant to be shaped individually. They take time and patience to form."

"A great friend of mine has taken up the hobby of making arrowheads. He can talk to you at length about all of the techniques to shape the proper arrow but he will be the first to tell you that no single rock or shaft will respond the same and will require differing amounts of pressure and different techniques in shaping to ensure that they fly true. Children are a lot like that."

"It is our aim that we shape them in such a way that when it is time to draw back the bow string and take aim that they fly true. It is with this in mind that we began dreaming and praying about a business that would enable us as parents to step away from what some might consider very successful corporate careers to seek out a more conducive environment to shape the arrows that we have been entrusted with. Thus, the name 3Arrows was born!"


Learn more by visiting their FACEBOOK PAGE.

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