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Alabama Tourism Department Launches New and Improved Alabama Civil Rights Trail App

This month, the Alabama Tourism Department launched its new and improved Alabama Civil Rights Trail app. Originally released in 2014, the app has been completely redesigned to provide a better user experience for all to explore the role that Alabama played in the Civil Rights Movement.

The updated app was released on Feb. 1, during a time when many began to observe Black History Month and look to the past to learn more. Downloading the app will allow users to easily explore key civil rights landmarks, museums, trails and public spaces that played a role in the movement. Users who elect to share their location on the app can easily learn more about locations nearby, along with finding all the information they need to plan a visit.

The app also houses a media library that allows users to immerse themselves in the sounds and events of the movement, or they can meet the vocal agents who ignited change in the People of the Civil Rights Trail section. Lastly, with the ability to bookmark favorite destinations, media and people. Everyone who uses the app can dive in again right where their exploration last ended.

The free app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store. For more information, visit


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