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Clean Water Alabama Announces Latest Water Preservation Projects




Fairhope, Ala. (Jan. 26, 2022) – Clean Water Alabama is pleased to announce that it has made significant progress with a number of projects on the Fairhope-based water preservation group’s agenda.


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“Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, including several local businesses, as well as other non-profit groups in our community, we’ve been able to move forward with several projects to work toward our mission to clean up Alabama waterways,” CWA President John Manelos said. (Photo: John Manelos, President, Clean Water Alabama)





According to Manelos, some of Clean Water Alabama’s initial efforts include:


·         Working to obtain a $2 million grant for the restoration of several dirt pits along the Magnolia River, which has been impacted by silting and other pollution.


·         Working to draft proposed state legislation designed to provide an incentive to property owners to repair failing septic systems proximate to Alabama waterways. A $2 million grant application has been submitted for a pilot program in Baldwin and Mobile Counties.


·         Supporting a proposed project for the City of Magnolia Springs, which would involve “recharging” storm water runoff back into the water table by a simple, proven environmentally friendly collection system and process.


·         In partnership with the University of Alabama, creating a comprehensive survey to be released to the public to effectively gauge concerns, interests and priorities related to the current quality of our state waterways.


·         Partnering with representatives from the State of Florida to explore obtaining Restore Act Funds that have been set aside for regional application/projects related to restoration and clean water initiatives.


·         The creation of a children’s activity and coloring book to educate elementary-age students on the importance of becoming good stewards of our waterways and environment. Plans are currently underway to distribute complimentary issues to area students.


“If you look at the impact of pollution on our waterways in totality, the task at arriving at better water quality may seem overwhelming and thus turn people away from trying to do something about it. But not us,” Manelos said. “Our mission is to educate the public on the threats to our waterways and to support and promote best practices designed to mitigate these threats. Over time, step by step, we all can make a difference in reaching our goal of cleaner water in Alabama’s beautiful and abundant waterways.”



Clean Water Alabama is a non-profit organization whose mission is to engage the citizens of Alabama to take the necessary actions to ensure that our water resources (rivers, streams, lakes, bays, and coast) are protected from those items that make them unsafe to its citizens, and the plant and animal life that live within and around. For more information about Clean Water Alabama, visit

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