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County Road Bridge Repair Grant

BALDWIN COUNTY, AL, July 6, 2021 – The Baldwin County Commission Highway Department has been awarded an Accelerated Innovation Development (AID) Grant in the amount of $1 million from the Federal Highway Administration.

The grant funding will be used to repair the County Road 65 bridge in Baldwin County which has been showing accelerated signs of structural wear of the girders which provide support to the bridge. The grant requires accelerated and innovative construction techniques.

The girders used to repair this bridge have not yet been used in Alabama and the construction is scheduled to be completed in six weeks. “Safety and efficiency are paramount to Baldwin County. Seeking grant opportunities to fund projects like this one is a great example of fiscal responsibility and commitment to improving the way we serve the citizens of Baldwin County” – Joe Davis, Baldwin County Commission Chair. The timing of this project was decided based on grant requirements and with consideration of high traffic volumes during the school year. 

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