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Manci's Celebrates Building Turning 100 Years

The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce along with the City of Daphne and many patrons celebrated the historical building, home to Manci's Antique Club, turning 100 years old this past Friday, April 19, 2024. 

"I, Robin LeJeune, as the Mayor of the City of Daphne, on this date April 19, 2024, do hereby congratulate Manci's Antique Club on the 'One Hundredth Anniversary' of the historical building and wish them many more successful years as a favorite gathering spot in the Jubilee City!"

"What was originally constructed as a gas and service station, the Manic's Antique Club building was constructed in 1924 by Frank Manci and still embraces today the structure and community that make it a treasured Daphne establishment."


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