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MLS Executive Officer Position with BCAR

MLS Executive Officer Position with BCAR
Job Description:
The MLS Executive Officer is responsible for the full operation, supervision, evaluation, training, delivery, and maintenance of all Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and supporting products. Along with the complete responsibility for the MLS and its services, the position requires the ability to be a visionary for strategic planning and the future direction of MLS, service to members and educating leaders on membership of changes to the industry. The MLS Executive will understand and ensure enforcement of MLS Rules and Policies for data accuracy and usefulness for members. Data integrity is paramount. The MLS Executive Officer will answer to the MLS Board of Directors.

Some of the duties and responsibilities include:

• Responsible for management of staff for the daily activities and operations of the MLS.
• Possesses full knowledge of the Multiple Listing Service, lock box rules and regulations, and MLS policies and procedures
• Oversight and administration of customer service and satisfaction for all MLS services and products delivered by the organization and the staff
• Guides the BOD through Strategic Planning and responsible for enactment and timeline for completion of goals. Ensure the BOD is informed, monetary budget is available and ensures leaders and members are informed and understand the direction to achieve goals
• Plans and directs the strategy to comply with regulatory requirements and relevant industry trends
• Manages and assists in preparation of annual MLS budget with CFO
• Plans and ensures the successful implementation, maintenance and operation of an MLS system that is mobile and user friendly and meets the ongoing needs of its users (oversees and assists with development of MLS programs, policies, and procedures)
• Supervises, maintains, and evaluates contracts and products with MLS vendors (ensures contract compliance) and good customer relations.
• Presents products and services to the appropriate committee, board members, and/or staff for review (coordinates MLS product demos as necessary to ensure adoption
Review MLS Finance reports to ensure all expenses and income are precise with the CFO and presentations to the BOD
• Manages and reviews monthly invoicing from MLS vendors and expenses
• Works directly with MLS Compliance Director to conduct appeals, present and review documents as needed and develops policy for hearings.
• Facilitates quarterly data feed reviews, to ensure all MLS policies are being enforced and safety and use of data is in line with all written agreements
• Ensures successful resolution of MLS listing problems, complaints from Participants and Subscribers
• Maintains a professional partnership with MLS Vendor support system and other thirdparty vendors
• Directs MLS education, CE, communications, including an evaluation process (looks for innovative, progressive learning opportunities)
• Responsible to ensure all MLS training for Brokers, current members, new members (including MLS technical, phone support and training for all MLS search products)
• Responsible for staff members to accomplish crossover training opportunities, while providing knowledge and tools needed
• Facilitates and directs MLS Board of Directors and prepares reports to BOD as requested
• Responsible for data quality by maintaining an efficient fine process, including enforcement of rules, and handling of fines and ensures the collection of fines in accordance with policy
• Manages Fine Waiver Class and required MLS Orientation is state of the art
• Ensures MLS Rules and Regulations are current and up to date with NAR.
• Stays informed with NAR technology initiatives and ensures appropriate integrations with MLS activities
• Ensures Communications Director has state of the art webpage, graphic design, videography and social media posts to ensure the MLS is seen as the source for all local data pertaining to the MLS
• Manages member and subscriber emails and MLS calls to ensure members needs are met
• Coordinates with Association Executive Officer on any mergers and provides support to communicate and complete mergers smoothly and in compliance with NAR and Alabama state law.
• All other duties as assigned by Board of Directors


Integrity, teamwork, flexibility, and a high degree of professionalism are required. Previous real estate and MLS experience is required. Must be fully informed of present issues of MLS including DOJ, NAR structure and privatization of MLS. Successful candidate will have political acumen, friendly outgoing manner, and extensive network of MLS providers, staffing and vendor connections.

Qualifications include:
• Bachelor’s degree and at least five to ten years of experience in real estate and MLS
• Proficient in technology, computer programs, MLS systems, MLS terminology and standards, and NAR Standards. Computer Programming a plus
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills with attention to detail and excellent organizational skills • Business acumen – Aligns work with Strategic Plan. Conducts cost-benefit analyses. Demonstrates knowledge of market. Displays orientation to profitability. Understands business implications of decisions.
• Exceptional customer service, member communications, and support skills
• Public speaking and capable writing skills a must
• Excellent computer skills including working knowledge of Microsoft Office
• Time management skills and ability to prioritize/ multi-task
• Self-motivated and ability to work independently
• Ability to work under pressure
• Flexible and ability to adapt quickly to changes
• Positive attitude and ability to work well with others

Working Conditions

This position typically works standard business hours but may require a flexible schedule during peak business periods. Travel for up to a week and attendance of evening meetings as needed with the expectation to work over 40 hours a week as the position demands.

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