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Mobile Infirmary First Hospital in Gulf Coast Region to Acquire Ion Endoluminal System

Mobile, Ala. – Mobile Infirmary is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of the Ion endoluminal system, a minimally invasive robotic-assisted bronchoscopy procedure. This advanced technology enables physicians to reach nodules far into the lung, providing them stability and precision needed for more accurate lung biopsies.

"At Mobile Infirmary, we're investing in minimally invasive options and advanced technology to deliver life-enhancing care to our patients," said Susan Boudreau, FACHE, president of Mobile Infirmary. "We are thrilled to add the Ion system to our hospital."

The Ion system addresses a challenging aspect of lung biopsy by enabling physicians to obtain tissue samples deep within the lung. Compared to older manual techniques, the Ion system allows doctors to navigate far into the lung and biopsy much smaller nodules than previously capable. During the bronchoscopy, physicians navigate to the target along a planned path. The catheter can articulate 180° in any direction to pass through small, difficult-to-navigate airways and around tight bends to reach all 18 segments of the lung. The innovative technology of the Ion system then allows physicians to capture samples from smaller nodules than previously capable. 

Infirmary Health is thrilled to be a leader in this field, bringing more minimally invasive robotic-assisted options to the Gulf Coast region. To learn more about the Ion system and Infirmary Health’s comprehensive lung cancer program, visit

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