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Thomas Hospital Celebrates 100th Inspire Procedure

Thomas Hospital Celebrates 100th Inspire Procedure

Sleep apnea can now be treated with the touch of a button


Thomas Hospital is excited to announce that Keith Kowal, M.D., has performed the 100th Inspire procedure at Thomas Hospital. Inspire is an FDA approved device used to treat sleep apnea. Unlike a CPAP, the small Inspire device is implanted in the body and prevents airway obstruction while sleeping. The device is turned on and off, just before bedtime and again in the morning, with the click of a button, allowing for an uninterrupted, peaceful night’s rest. "Since we started the program at Thomas Hospital, we’ve seen amazing results, and we have changed people’s lives for the good. People are sleeping well through the night," said Dr. Kowal.


“Thomas Hospital is proud to partner with Dr Keith Kowal and Dr Ashwin Ananth to provide this innovative procedure to patients in our community.

These talented surgeons provide relief and support to so many individuals in our area by offering the Inspire device. Congratulations to the physicians and our excellent team for completing the 100th Inspire procedure at Thomas Hospital,” remarked Ormand Thompson, president of Thomas Hospital.


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