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Fraudulent Letters (Distraint Warrants)

BALDWIN COUNTY, AL, April 26, 2022 – The Baldwin County Revenue Commission’s office is advising the public about the latest development involving Distraint Warrant related scams that use fraudulent Baldwin County Public Judgement Records letterhead to gain trust and target individuals for personal information or money. While this may look like a legitimate Distraint Warrant with Baldwin County letterhead, these are not coming from the Baldwin County Revenue Commission.  

The revenue commission has received reports of fraudulent letters circulating the Baldwin County area advising recipients to call a toll-free number to avoid enforcement of garnishment of wages and bank accounts, property seizures, federal tax refund offsets, and creation of a property liens due to tax debts.  
“It’s sad that individuals seek ways to defraud our property owners. We have seen similar scams and do our best to inform the public, when necessary,” said Baldwin County Revenue Commissioner Teddy Faust. “If anyone is concerned about what appears to be a scam or encounters these types of fraudulent activities, please contact the Revenue Commissioner’s office immediately.” 

For additional information or to report fraudulent activities, please call the Baldwin County Revenue Commission’s Office at (251) 937-0245.   

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