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Mitchell Cancer Institute Appoints Medical Oncology Division Director

Mitchell Cancer Institute Appoints  Medical Oncology Division Director

The USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute’s Dr. Brian Persing is revolutionizing how patients receive cancer care along the upper Gulf Coast. As the MCI’s division director of hematology and medical oncology, Dr. Persing leads the strategy to build disease-oriented clinical programs, with each medical oncologist focused on a specific cancer type or subtype. "A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming," said Dr. Persing. "Getting an appointment with an oncologist who is an expert and specializes in specific cancers provides patients with additional reassurance." Disease-oriented focus provides patients access to advanced diagnostic testing and more individualized treatment plans, leading to better outcomes. Dr. Persing also trains and supervises medical oncology fellows, growing our next generation of cancer specialists. The MCI’s clinical divisions encompass multidisciplinary teams and active research programs, providing patients with seamless coordination of care. Understanding the genetic drivers of cancer compels Dr. Persing and the medical oncology team to build bridges across more than 100 cancer disease types to apply the latest, most advanced cancer treatment protocols. To learn more about Dr. Persing and the MCI’s approach to cancer care treatment, call 251-410-1010 or visit

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