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Regional Group of Louisiana Artists to Show Work in Fairhope, AL Gallery

Regional Group of Louisiana Artists to Show Work in Fairhope, AL Gallery

WHERE:  Whiting Main Gallery, Eastern Shore Arts Center

401 Oak Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532

Curator and Coordinator: Mark Biletnikoff

Contact: p - 225.324.8936   e


The Show opens on September 1, 2023, and runs through October 28, 2023. Mark Biletnikoff revisited this as a follow-up to a similar widely publicized show he coordinated in 2015 at the exact location. He believes in pushing boundaries and allowing emerging and professional artists to showcase our state's creative talent outside our state. This endeavor empowers artists to grow and increase awareness of our Louisiana state art, culture, and heritage. This Show represents a diverse and eclectic mix of thirteen regional Louisiana artists. The opening for the show is September 1, 2023.

1.                   Mark Biletnikoff – Mixed Media Painter

2.                   Maria Prochaska Boudreaux – Mixed Media Painter

3.                   Billie Bourgeois - Painter

4.                   Andrea Easton – Fashion/Textiles

5.                   Betty Efferson – Painter

6.                   Leiana Loveday Funck – Digital Media

7.                   Denise Greenwood – Loveless - Sculptor

8.                   Heather Kinsel Artist - Sculptor

9.                   Dana Mosby – Painter

10.               Christopher Stafford - Painter

11.               Chad Townson - Sculptor

12.               Kyle Vernon – Mixed Media

13.               Pat Wattam – Painter



The Show focuses on the creative visions of our Louisiana artists. This approach showcases interpretation and allows the artists to translate personal experiences and perceptions of what Louisiana means to them—no need to take it literally and base it on swamp or bayou art—however, landscapes, abstracts, figures, and everything in between—a display of creative interpretation with a diverse collection of Louisiana-based artists in various mediums—a wide range of Work to give the Show an eclectic feel defines the broad spectrum of the title.

The theme highlights the importance of our ecosystem and interpreting the connections between art, culture, heritage, and conservation. There are so many ways people affect and perceive our everyday environments. We forget that these environments existed long before humans. Our heritage is part of who we are as individuals. Colors, sights, shapes, and viewpoints will deliver an organic connection to this story. A diverse group and mediums will portray a visual experience spanning multiple tastes and styles, thus strengthening the definition of individuality and expression. This eclectic descriptive Show presents visual interpretations of water, land, wood, sky, gardens, abstracted and realistic land, and cityscapes, defining artistic perceptions of Louisiana.

Art is not the possession of the few recognized writers, painters, and musicians; it is the authentic expression of any individuality. Those who have the gift of creative expression in unusually large measure disclose the meaning of the individuality of others to those others. Participating in the Work of art, they become artists in their activity. They learn to know and honor individuality in whatever form it appears. The fountains of creative activity are discovered and released. The free individuality that is the source of art is also the final source of creative development.

—John Dewey


About the Author :           Linda NaimanAs, founder of Creativity Work and Creativity Work. "99 Inspiring  Quotations on Art, Creativity, Life, and Livelihood." Creativity at Work, August 30, 2022,

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