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USA College of Medicine Holds 2021 Commencement

MOBILE, Ala. (5/7/2021) -- The University of South Alabama College of Medicine held its 2021 commencement ceremony on Thursday, May 6, at the Mitchell Center on the USA campus.

The Class of 2021, with 69 members, became the 46th class to receive medical degrees from the USA College of Medicine.

Errol D. Crook, M.D., professor of internal medicine and the Abraham A. Mitchell Chair in the Department of Internal Medicine, congratulated the students. “You will be pushed by your faculty and your superiors to have all the answers, to not make mistakes and to document all that you have seen, heard, felt, thought and done, and to do so completely and on time,” Crook said. “In essence, they are asking you to be superheroes.”

Crook reminded the class that they have already lived through several significant health events: the epidemics of obesity and opioid use, and the COVID-19 pandemic, all of which have reduced the life expectancy of Americans and created health inequities.

“When you think about those realities, those inequities caused by the pandemic, it’s easy to see how one could be pessimistic,” he said. “It’s because of those superhero qualities and youthful spirit, and your energy and commitment, my colleagues on the faculty and staff of USA Health are optimistic.”

Medical students took the Hippocratic Oath and were hooded by a person of their choosing. Graduates matching at U.S. military facilities also took the military oath. The Class of 2021 brings the total number of physicians to graduate since the medical school’s opening to 2,905.

Also at the ceremony, two graduate students received Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Basic Medical Sciences.

The event, which was limited because of COVID-19, was live-streamed on the USA webpage to accommodate those who were unable to attend.


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