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Youth Leadership Graduation 2022


Congratulations to Our 2022 Youth Leadership Graduates 
The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Foundation celebrated its Youth Leadership Graduates with a small ceremony at 5 Rivers Delta Center. 

Thirty-three graduates received their Youth Leadership certificate last night at 5 Rivers Delta Center in Spanish Fort. Students were from a variety of schools around the Eastern Shore but all had one thing in common, a strong leadership quality with a drive to succeed.  

The students were split into groups based on their application answers at the beginning of the year. Each group presented a project to help find a solution to a problem they see in our communities.  

One group’s goal was to install benches throughout the Eastern Shore to allow people to take a break from the worries in life and simply enjoy the view. Their group focus was Mental Health.  

Another group would like to see our community youth grow together and delivered an interesting idea about creating a Youth Festival featuring young artists and musicians. The festival would allow these young people to showcase their many talents to others.  

Christina Hellmich, Director of Workforce Development for the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce, said “I am proud to say, each of our participants this year have taken the bold step and have begun to discover the leader in them. During their journey this year, they have exhibited the principals of leadership all while becoming effective leaders and impactful citizens of our communities.” 

“We are here tonight to celebrate these youth who sit before us and who are OUR FUTURE LEADERS.” 

The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Foundation would like to congratulate the Youth Leadership Class of 2022!  

Graduates are listed in alphabetical order.  

Andrew Beasley, Spanish Fort 

Caroline Bounds, Fairhope 

Camille Buckner, Bayside 

Anne Darby Clark, Fairhope 

Andrew Conrad, Homeschool 

Patrick Daves, Bayside 

Kamden Eady, Daphne 

Noah Engel, Fairhope 

Jack Grimsley, Fairhope 

Maddi Heath, Spanish Fort 

Ellie Herrick, Fairhope 

Lillie Higgins, Daphne 

Stella Jeffcoat, Spanish Fort 

Patrick Johnson, Daphne 

Ethan Kellerman, Fairhope 

Markell Kyer, Spanish Fort 

Hudson McClure, Bayside 

Merri Broxton McLendon, Fairhope 

Madisson McMichael, ASMS 

Millison Mixon, Bayside 

William Morrison, Bayside 

Grace Noonan, St. Michael 

Jackson Olsen, Bayside 

Cecil Pinkston, Bayside 

Sarah Lu Priester, Fairhope 

Ashley Rodgers, Daphne 

Ben Shaw, Fairhope 

Jackson Shores, Fairhope 

Kimberlynn Taylor, Daphne 

Ryann Turner, Spanish Fort 

Emma Grace Vannoy, Fairhope 

Daniela Flores Velarde, Daphne 

Danielle Woods, Spanish Fort 

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